How would you define yourself as a ceramist and when was Tierra Cerámicas born?

I come from a family of artisans and since I was a child I have been passionate about art, natural materials and being able to create something with my own hands. Tierra Cerámicas began in 2012 as a personal venture, without imagining what it’s today, a brand of objects, which created 3 spaces in Barcelona to create and share.

How did your love for ceramics begin and where did you learn to create ceramic pieces?

I started in high school in design and art, then as a hobby and now as a profession, life has taken me to different parts of the world, Argentina, England, Spain and Denmark, where I was able to meet and learn from local potters and ceramists, sharing the warmth of the kiln.

What inspires you to create your works and what raw materials do you work with?

The earth, minerals and geological formations are my greatest source of creative inspiration. At the same time, clay for modelling and minerals to create glazes and colours are also my raw materials.

What links and values do you have in common with Mus&Bombon?

All the production of our objects is made in Barcelona by Paula and a team of craftswomen. We recycle and reuse our materials as much as possible and we work in series, hand by hand, without using moulds for replicas.

To end the interview, what advice would you give to a young artisan who wants to start a business?

If you have a hunch that you want to start a business, give it a go. All beginnings are difficult. You have to create a plan and let it flow, let them give their opinion if it's good or bad, whatever their opinion is, you keep creating.